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To provide comprehensive health care another important component of treatment i.e. basic diagnostic services is required. Thus scheme for providing "Basic Investigation Services" is being planned. These services will be made available free of cost at all govt. institutions. This will help reduce the treatment cost to patients & decrease the out of pocket expenditure to the extent possible.

To provide quality essential diagnostic services in all the government health care institutions and contribute to fundamental right to health.

To strengthen the existing laboratories and other diagnostic facilities (and to create additional facilities if required) in all the public health institutions so as to provide the essential diagnostic services free of cost to all patients visiting government hospitals.

The following advantages of scheme are envisaged:-
1. Essential diagnostic services will be available to the patients.
2. Patients who are not able to afford cost of diagnostic tests are able to undergo treatment.
3. Reducing out of pocket expenditure on investigations.
4. Making available holistic healthcare services under one roof.
5. Scheme will be helpful in early diagnosis and contribute to reduction in morbidity and mortality trends. IMR, Under 5 mortality rates and MMR are expected to come down.
6. Longevity is enhanced which is the ultimate aim of state's health services.
7. Increase in access to quality public health care services
8. Health seeking behavior is promoted.
9. Enhancing credibility of public health care institutions and health care providers.
10. The scheme will be a forbearer towards provision of "Right to Treatment" for the people of Rajasthan.

Recent Update